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Data Entry

This is the data entry page for the 2024 version of NaNo Faces. Please note that you will need to use your NaNo UserId for this tool in addition to your user name/handle. Follow this link for how to look this up from your NaNo User Profile page URL.

Enter your user name/handle:
Enter your user id:
Enter today's date (yyyy-mm-dd):
Enter your current total, cumulative wordcount:
Enter an optional, brief shout out message:

About this tool

This is not an official NaNoWriMo tool. It comes with no warranty. It was created by NewMexicoKid, a volunteer co-Municipal Liaison for NaperWriMo (USA-Illinois-Naperville), the guy who co-designed NaNo Faces and the original NaNoWriMo word count API (with firebus in 2006), with help from samcadams.

Why do I have to put my wordcount here?

The NaNoWriMo wordcount API is currently broken, so this tool cannot read the word count from the nanowrimo source. Because of this, to participate in the community word count on this site, you will need to enter your word count both on and here.

What is my user-id?

Your user-id is found by going to the nano main-site and going to My NaNoWriMo -> Profile. Take the URL and discard the front part. E.g., my profile URL is and so my user-id is newmexicokid. See this page for more info

What is my username?

Your username is the printable online version of your user identity. For me, my username is NewMexicoKid

What is this weird date format?

This is the ISO format for dates. It conveniently displays the four digit year-the two digit month-the two digit date in an order such that the date string is sortable according to the date.

What is this new shoutout field used for?

This is an idea I had to show the message on the quest view as something visible to people who hover over the image. You can use the field to note where you are in your novel writing or editing project, some milestone you've achieved, or words of encouragement for your fellow writers. Just be advised that this is an all-ages-friendly site, so please be careful with what you write.